Jason Cohen - Founder of Holy Butter

Dr. Jason Cohen

Physician | Founder

Our Story

As a physician, sports enthusiast and fan of delicious peanut butter, I have recognized that peanuts provide an abundant source of heart-healthy proteins and fats. Combined with my love for Israel, it awakened my passion for producing premium handmade peanut butter that originated entirely from the Holy Land. At Holy Butter our goal is to produce quality and original peanut butter, which brings pure pleasure.

Holy Butter - peanut butter jar

Rich in flavor. Completely natural.

Our peanuts, grown by local Israeli farmers in the special sandy soil of the Negev, undergo unique roasting and grinding in cold pressing to capture and preserve their rich color, texture and flavor with shades of mocha and caramel.

The Holy Land

As a leading country in agriculture and water management in the meticulous process of creating our peanut butter, Holy Butter represents our recognition of the holiness inherent in Israel.

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